Filmed Reels
The price structure for filmed scenes is very simple: It's £300 for the first scene and £200 for every additional scene, so for example four scenes is £900, two scenes £500. These prices include all costs, you end up with complete scenes and this includes making the shot scenes into a final showreel.
What's more is that you can share the cost of the scenes. Let's say for example you've a couple of friends who also require reels or scenes. If between you you shoot 3 scenes (each of you filming 2 scenes) you'll all get 2 scenes and each of you will pay only £233 - that's just £116.50 a scene!
We also offer a simple scene option, this is for a single scene that can be shot with just a two man crew (plus the actor opposite), in this case you save £100 over the regular single scene shot price (£300) meaning you'll pay just £200.
We discuss scripts over the phone and send you a selection to choose from.
The usual time scale is a couple of weeks to sort out scripts and give you a chance to get everything solid prior to the shoot, then we aim to have an edit ready for you a week after the shoot, meaning that the whole process takes only 3 weeks. This process is usually carried out over the phone. In either case a £50 deposit is required first.
Of course though you may want something more specific and this can be catered for too. Of course though there will be additional charges, for example:
Meeting prior to shoot to discuss scripts or filming: Add £30
Unique script written for you never to be used in another actor's reel: £40
Location hire: £20
Additional actor in scene: (ie. total of 3 actors in a scene) £40
Specialist hair/makeup: £30

Edited Reels
Edited reels cost a flat rate of £150, and are usually prepared over the course of an afternoon. In advance it's best to go over your material and make a few notes about the clips you'd like in particular to be included then you come over and the edit takes place in front of you!
Updates are even easier, just send over links to new material and we can cut it into the reel, this is done by the hourly rate of £40ph with a minimum charge of £30. If you've the time to come and oversee the re-edit that's fine too.

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