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Giving you the chance to prove what you can do


Actors One-stop Shop filmed scenes are all about giving you the chance to show what you can do in a professional production so we take every opportunity to ensure that each scene looks as if it's come from a broadcast production.

Everything is taken care of for you from scripts, to locations, to casting to editing so all you have to do is concentrate on your side of things - the acting, working alongside a professional director to bring the best out of you. Nurturing and developing your performance so at the end you have not just a showreel but the confidence and screen experience to step out into the professional casting world.


Tom Capper

Darren Latham

Lucy Williamson Showreel

Single Shot Scenes


A nightclub sets the location for this enigmatic 20s period scene.

A power exec bullies his daughter's fiance in this scene set next to the Thames.

A Nothern Alan Bennett scene set in a living room.


Perhaps as importantly this is achieved at an affordable price using unique approaches and techniques honed by some 25 years of producing actors showreels. By far the longest existing showreel company.